The Blog-ski

I'm a stay at home mom with a little girl born in 2010.  Before becoming a mom, I was a special education teacher who loved planning lessons using creativity. My goal was to spark student interest in the exciting things in the world around them, and to teach them that they could have any experience they wanted in spite of the difficulties they may be having.  I myself am not a homebody, and I love traveling and experiences new things in the world around me.  Just because I had a baby, I didn't want to be confined to the house, and I wanted to teach her to have a sense of adventure too! 

So, I was constantly online researching fun (and free/cheap) things to do with babies.  There wasn't too much out there; I decided to create my own idea place!  In my blog, I chronicle our endeavors out and about town, and also some fun little adventures we have at home!  My objective is to inspire other moms to get out there to and experience the world through their little one's's a whole knew point of view!