Meet the Bear (and her family)

Little Bear (aka LB; aka Chloe Louise) was born in June 2010, and is just entering the world of toddlerhood!  She is bright, bubbly, adventurous, funny and into everything.  She's also a mommy's girl, so our adventures have also served the purpose of making her just a little more brave.  LB's perfect day would include a trip to a fountain you can crawl into, playing with kitties, eating ice cream, riding the train at Burke Lake, and blowing bubbles.  I love her to pieces. 

This is me (Bryana, LB's momma) and my husband Mike.  We have been together as a couple since early college and moved down to the DC area a number of years ago.  Before the days of LB, we loved traveling, hiking, cooking, taking pictures, and just being together, and adding one more family member to the mix has been a very fun adventure!