Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Ducky

Welcome to spring...unseasonably warm today, rainy and cool tomorrow!  We decided to take advantage of the warmer temps today and get out and about! 

We headed over to the Burke Centre Library for a program called "Just Ducky."  It was really cute; songs and stories with ducks.  Chloe loved the songs and applauded with gusto after each one, but there was so much going on with other little peanuts during the stories, so it was hard for her to pay much attention there.  Last week we went to the "Lunch Bunnies" program at Kings Park.  That was great too, and much quieter, because everyone was happily munching away.  Chloe was much more attentive to the stories, but she also had some finger food to keep her happy and focused.  I think library story hours , especailly here in Fairfax, are great, and they have programs starting from itty-bitty up through school age.  In fact, I'm fairly sure that there was a lady there today who had come right from the hospital with her newborn, hehe.  Anyways, here's a pic of Chloe enjoying "Just Ducky." 

After that we had a nice little picnic and walk at Burke Lake Park .  I'm really excited for the later spring and summer because there is a little train and carousel there too, along with trails, playgrounds, and the lake.  We also decided it would be fun to watch the ducks, in keeping with the "Just Ducky" theme for the day, but that was pretty short lived as some wayward geese got all nasty and violent with each other.  Haha...thank goodness for fast moving lightweight strollers. 

 Little Peanut enjoying lunch...wearing her new hair bow, courtesy of Mommy's crafty moment.
               Before the geese started going ape (?can geese go ape?) on each other.  Not pictured, cute, calm little duckies.

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