Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beach Bunnies

We're back from our big adventure---Chloe's first real vacation to Isle of Palms, SC!  We rented a beach house with our good friends the Gradys and we had a blast.  We spend most of the time at the beach, cooking yummy meals, and wrangling kiddos, but we did get out to dinner one night without the kids and went to the aquarium and through downtown Charleston.  All in all it was a great was so nice to get away to somewhere new!

I'll post a few pics from the trip here...but I should explain first that to see Chloe at the beach was a treat.  She loved the waves in the ocean and really enjoyed digging her little toes into the sand.  It was so fun to see her experiencing it all for the first time.  Check out the little video too!

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