Friday, May 6, 2011

Bluegrass Baby

This morning Little Peanut and I got our dance on at Jammin' Java.  I'd heard about the kid's concerts there and just rediscovered them on the calendar of events portion  of the Fun Things to Do in DC website I'd shared a few weeks back.  It took a little while to get there from our house, but Chloe often likes a car ride and we just got a new car cd, so we didn't mind.  We saw The Banjo Man perform bluegrass inspired kids songs on his banjo, along with a couple of band members with guitars, harmonicas, and a bongo drum.  Aparently the bongo man (Dr. T) was a former defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.  No one seemed to hold it against him, including me, the serious Bills fan. 

Chloe seemed to enjoy the show.  She watched very intently when the band was playing and laughed when we danced.  She liked to shake the shaker that the band handed out, after she had tasted it, of course.  Luckily I had a full supply of wipes.  I always hate handing back a drooly shaker to it's owner, hardy har har.  After the show, we could "meet the band."  Chloe really had fun banging on the bongo drum, and she even gave The Banjo Man himself two high fives!  There are many different shows during the week, so I think we'll definitely go back to see something different.

After lunch, a nap, and some play time (with toys that we're really not that interested in as much as the recycling and opening and shutting doors), I decided to bring LP back out to enjoy the nice weather.  We went to the interactive fountain at Fairfax Corner.  This was a big hit, as I was thinking it would be.  With Chloe, you can't go wrong when there's water and other little kids around.  It was a nice day, but the breeze was kind of chilly, so just stuck our feet in and watched the kids play.  I really love that they have that fountain.  You can do something fun with the kiddos and do some shopping at Fairfax Corner too!  (Which I did, well, some window shopping anyway).  Enjoy this little clip of Chloe watching the fountain!

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