Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Library Fun

You may have read my FB post a while back about Fairfax County Public Library.  At the last event we had been to, they mentioned that they were cancelling all activities designed for anyone under two years old, the reason being that they were going to focus more on early literacy, to which I replied, "UNDER TWO CAN'T GET ANY MORE EARLY!"  I was really upset, because the programs are great and engaging and Chloe loves them.  Library events are a great way to get kids of any age into reading!

Anyways, I'm not sure if folks complained (I did), but the month of August still had events that we were able to attend!  On Monday, LB and I went to the Jammin' Beach Party Concert featuring Cody & BJ and their parrot.  Chloe had a great time dancing and clapping and doing the limbo.  Yup, she pulled me up to the line with the big kids and (holding onto my fingers of course) stayed right in the line and walked under the limbo stick.  She is too much!

Today, we attended the Lunch Bunnies program with our friends Cate and Ali!  Now, this is the program that they had specifically said that they were getting rid of.  They didn't mention anything about it today, so I'm really hoping that it comes back again next month!  (For a quick link to Ffx County's library activity sign up, click here)  We had a fun time listening to stories, singing songs, eating cheese sandwiches, and thieving sippy cups.  All in a day's work! 

Our little sweeties at Lunch Bunnies

As I said, I'm so hoping that there will be more of these wonderful programs for little ones!


Ali said...

Aw, we had so much fun! The Beach Party video doesn't appear to be working (for me). It says the video is private. Not sure if you can fix it, but I'd love to see Chloe in action!!!

Bryana ZT said...

Woops! I think I fixed it! :) It's a good one, let me know if you get it to work now!

Supernovamommy said...

I am starting to add September library events to my site, and there are TONS for under 2!

Bryana ZT said...

Thanks! I'll have to go check it out! Love love love your site.

Hungry Mom said...

Hey, there!
I was at the Beach party w/ my son. I think I also saw you at Burke Lake Park on Monday? Anyway, cute blog!

Bryana ZT said...

Yes, I think we were at BLP on Monday! Glad you are enjoying the blog, I'll check yours out too!