Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roc-catch up #2!

Here's some pics from the 2nd part of our trip to Rochester!  It was a great time and we can't wait to get back in September (this time Daddy will be joining us for part of the visit)!

Chloe with her sweet cousin Madeline!  Getting ready to go to the Strong Museum of Play.  I mentioned this in the post about our May trip to Rochester, but this time we saw some different things and Chloe was more able to enjoy some of the fun things!

Chloe and Grandma in the Butterfly Garden.  Amazing!

Look!  Berenstein Bears and Little Bear!  The Bears united!

Organizing some fruit at the fruit stand

Playing in the "sand"

Playing the piano in Elmo's World (a new favorite of LB)


Another fun carousel ride

Swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool

Blowing "bubbies" with Grandma

Chloe and Grandma at The Holley Falls.  It's beautiful here, and not too far down the path there's a great playground and park, right on the canal.

Enjoying a sweet potato wedge at Hose 22 in Rochester.  Delicious food and plenty of room to walk a toddler around while you're waiting for said delicious food. 

Lots of treats...gelato at Oriens Cafe in Greece, NY.  Grammy and Nonno's favorite place.  LB loved the mango!

Playing in the sand and "surf" at Ontario Beach Park.  The beach was extremely clean, the water was clear, and there was no sewer smell, as there often was when we were growing up.  Thanks Army Core of Engineers!  This is a great place to come now!

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