Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pinning Princess

...that's been me today.  I can't get enough of Pinterest, you guys!  It's a site where you can "pin" cool internet finds in the form of pictures on virtual bulletin "boards."  LB has been sick today (boo, three day weekend sickness, and a sad LB to boot), so we had a low-key day which allowed me to take a peek at the sight and try some things out.  I love it!  I'm always saving things to my favorites and then forgetting them, but this gives me a great way to categorize great finds.  And it doesn't hurt that it's all "pinned" in pictures...easy to remember what you liked about the site! 

So far, I've been "pinning" fall things (my favorite season, I'm so excited for the cooler weather), and cupcakes (just love 'em).  But what I really think you might like to see, as AWLB readers, is the Toddler Food and Kiddo Activity pin boards.  May give you a preview of some things we might be up to soon! 

As soon as LB is feeling better, I'll get back to writing about our adventures....until then...look to the side of the blog---there's a little button so you can follow me on Pinterest and see my boards.  Go take a look, it's fun! 


Marissa said...

I told you that website is addicting!!

Micaela said...

Oh, I love Pintrest too! Are you finding lots of kids stuff or stuff for yourself?