Friday, September 16, 2011

The Beat

We love a good concert.  And the other day, we were able to attend a really fun one! 

LB and I belong to the Burke chapter of the MOMS club (they have them virtually everywhere...if you're a stay-at-home mom and not a member, look them up)!  We go to a weekly playgroup for kids her age, but there are also many other events sponsored by our chapter---book clubs, nights out, playground meet-ups, ice cream socials, etc...and a montly meeting too.  We haven't gone to many monthly meetings, but when I heard there would be music at the September meeting, I knew we had to go! 

The group invited Beth Barbaro of Wee Got the Beat, a music therapist, to put on a little show.  She was great!  Beth had instruments for the kids to play and lots of songs to get their attention, including many with movement.  Kids from 1-4 years were in attendance, and it looked to me like everyone was having fun!  Wee Got the Beat does classes and birthday parties too...very cool. And again, the special education teacher in me LOVES anything that gets all kids involved no matter their ability level, and things that get kids socializing, expressing themselves, and working on fine and gross motor skills.  Lots and lots of stimulation!  Check her out for sure.

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