Friday, September 16, 2011

Oatmeal "Sandbox"

Sooooo much rain. 

If you were anywhere in the vicinity of DC last week, chances are, you were wet.  It rained all week...and not just an on-and-off drizzle---no, this was a "gather the wood and the animals, I am going to build an ark" kind of rain.  Chloe was also just getting over a bug.  Needless to say, we were inside a lot. 

Although I hate being a house mouse, I was excited to try out a few of the activities I'd found on Pinterest.  (I described this website a few posts ago, and don't forget to follow me by clicking on the little red button over there ---->)!  

It's no secret that LB loves the beach, so first up, I decided to build her an oatmeal "sandbox."  I'd seen a few variations on this idea, but here's what we did:

Filled a big bowl with dry oatmeal; added some feathers and pom poms for a different sensory feel, and so she'd have something fun to "dig" for.

Grabbed a shovel and let her go!

Of course, it was fun to throw the oatmeal out of the bowl, so I tried to get her to put it into the other container (a little fine motor work, as well as me trying to keep the kitchen semi-clean).  It kinda worked.

Aside from the sandbox, we spent a lot of time building with/ hiding blocks.

The rain broke for about 34 seconds, so we decided to head outside an enjoy the puddles!

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