Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazing Playground

I can't think of another title, because recently, we've visited a playground a couple of times that really deserves the description of "amazing."  If you've been a reader, you know that I have a soft spot for places that are accessible to people of all abilities (see the Sprayground post).  It's important for everyone to have opportunites to learn, socialize, and just plain PLAY! 

Clemyjontri Playground in McLean is one of these places. Named for the donor's children, it's a huge playground that is extremely accessable---think: soft rubber ground, ramps, plenty of wide space around equipment, swings with straps and backs, and a carousel that's built level to the ground that you can just roll right onto, if need be.  Wow.  And, for someone with a toddler, this place is a dream!  LB loved walking up the ramps, exploring the maze, and going down the little slides.  Of course, the carousel was a big hit too!  We loved it so much, we decided to take Daddy back to show him too. 

Although we're big fans, there were a couple of tricky things to look out for, if you're going to go.  Timing is everything---with the nasty construction in Tyson's Corner on 495, it's easy to get caught in a jam trying to get there.  Also, the park itself has a tiny on-site parking lot.  There is parking further down the road as well, but you have to cross the Georgetown Pike to get to the park.  The first time we went, it was a Monday morning, and we had to use the overflow parking, but when we went back with Mike, it was a later Saturday afternoon, so we were able to find parking close to the playground.  Also---bees seem to be an isse.  Not so much right on the playground, but when we went with our "yoga buddies" we tried to eat lunch in the pavillion and the bees just swarmed.  So I'd eat before or after your visit! 

Here are some pictures from our two visits...we'll definitely be making some more trip to Clemy...what a place!

Rocking butterfly

Clemyjontri---where everyone can play!

Checking out the gears

Piloting a plane with Daddy

Great swing...one of only a few in the country that's built for wheelchairs

A little fuzzy...but a good carousel pic!
                                    ...and a nice little clip of LB and Daddy riding the carousel!

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Ali said...

Our daycare provider just told me one is being built even closer to us!