Friday, July 1, 2011


I am so excited about this post...this was EXACLTLY what I was looking for this summer! 

Lee District Spraypark!  This place was of the few that I can definitely say is perfect for kids of any age.  It's basically a zero depth giant version of the coolest water table ever, with a Chesapeake Bay theme.  And this special education teacher (well, someone who was once a special education teacher and will someday do it again) was so happy to see how accessible this place was to kids of all abilities.  Love that they had waterproof wheelchairs available that can be brought right into the water,  WOW.   And it was  F-R-E-E.  No kidding! 

As an added bonus, I think this place really sparked LP's interest in getting her walking legs moving.  She loved "walking" through the little fountains.  Here's a video of her playing in one of the little spurts...please excuse the shakiness at the end.  This video marks the exact moment my video function on the camera broke.  Blasted thing...will get a new one soon...anyways, enjoy the clip!

Love the ladybug swimsuit, courtesy of, of course, Uncle John* and Baby Gap!  Here's some more pictures from the day.  We will be back, Spraypark!


Splish splash!

Having fun in the little "pool"

Enjoying the waterfall

Pointing out one of the "babies," or birdies...

*Many of Chloe's adorable outfits have been provided by Uncle John.  His garage alone is an amazing clothes treasure trove, I love it...  He also has an awesome Ebay site where he sells vintage-y and other types of clothes.  Check it out here

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ginger @ literally inspired said...

So much fun! You find the coolest places! We must plan a playdate! I mean it's been a year for goodness sakes!