Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Zoo! We Love 'Em!

On Monday we met a few more of our "old" yoga buddies at the National Zoo!  I was pretty sure Chloe would have a good time, especially with her new love of all things animal.  We were meeting at 10:00 am, and eventhough this would be well after rush hour in most cities, you never can tell with DC.  So, we decided to take Mike into work so we could take the HOV-3 lane into the city (yay for babies counting as people, haha)!  After a quick stop at Panera for a little breakfast, we were on our way! 

It was a little hairy, of course, getting from DOL to the zoo, but once we were there, parking was very easy.  Setback: parking costs $20.  Boo zoo!  I guess that's what you get when the zoo has free admissions.  Although, I did find out that if you become a member through the FONZ program, parking is free, among other things like invitations to special events, a magazine subscription, animal cookies each time you visit, and a cute little stuffed panda.  Might be worth it? 

LP had a fun time...her favorites were the zebras, the giant tortoise, and the swimming turtles.  She also loved the waterfall in the middle of the zoo.  And I don't know how she did it, but she slept through the giant rainstorm we had during the visit (good timing)!

Babies?  Nope, zebras!

The heat even tired out Ms. Panda

Don't miss the dude upper right-hand corner.

Chloe loves waterfalls...I think we need to make a trip to Niagara!

We are so lucky to live in such an interesting place and to be able to take fun field trips with friends!

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