Saturday, July 16, 2011

Playtime for Everyone

On Friday, our buddy Leo called up (yeah, he has some great phone skills for an 8 month old) and invited us to go to a playtime with him and his Mommy, Holly.  I'd never heard of this place before, but it was called Small Talkers and was in Centreville, near where I used to teach.  It was a pretty neat little place!  From what I gather, they have classes for babies and toddlers, groups for moms, pre-natal and baby yoga, as well as some open playtime.  Differing from Gymboree (where we go a few times a week, remember this post?), Small Talkers was a big open space full of tons of fun baby toys.  Moms and dads, I'm sure you'll agree with this one---sometimes you have a house full of toys that your little one loves, but you bring them to someone else's house, and it's a whole new magic world of amazing toys they've never seen.  Small Talkers was like this times 10.  Very cool, thanks to Holly and Leo and Leo's cell phone for inviting us. 

Chloe and Leo playing in a tent

Hi Mr. Leo!

Stop, Hammer time? 
And...since everyone needs time away without their peanuts sometimes:

We went out in DC for dinner and a going away party on Friday of luck to Joe and Chris on their new adventure in San Diego.  I smell an adventure for our family out west too!
***Unfortunately, I saved these pics from other accounts on FB...sorry they are so blurry!!!

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