Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Hotter Hottest...

I'm sure wherever you are, reader of my little blog, that you're sweating it out just like we are in Virginia.  It is unbearably hot!  And it's going to be for the next few days.  Ugh.  Of course, in January, I'll be complaining about the cold.  As Aunt Marissa would say, "Whattya-want-me-a-do?"  That's just how it goes. 

So our adventures this week have been planned mainly with the heat in mind.  We held of on going to Gymboree until tomorrow and Friday, because we're supposed to get temperatures into the low 100's, so I don't even think swimming is going to be a possibility!  Luckily, there is still some fun to be had, even in the sweltering summa-time.  Here's what we did today! 

We met our friends Jamie and Anna (who we met at Itsy Bitsy Yoga---I'll have to do a "retro-post" on that sometime) at Lebanese Tavera in Arlington for a kid's concert.  We have been to concerts before, but this place was a little different.  We saw Oh Susannah! perform some fun and interactive songs with her guitar and shakers and scarves for the kiddos.  She's great!  As it turns out, Lebanese Tavera opens their doors on every Wednesday for the concert-goers at 10:00 am.  You can order a plate from a smaller menu (you just mark down what you'd like and then take a number) and with the purchase of one adult plate you get a free kid's meal!  The actual concert is free, though.  Whew, those workers have their hands full, the place was packed and they were able to get everyone's food out pretty much by the time the concert was over!  A few lessons learned, though...

1.) Get there early, the floor and chairs filled up super fast.

2.) Bring a high chair (if you have one that folds and can attach to a chair) because the hairchairs tended to be in the way and I'm not sure if they run out sometimes.

3.) Don't order the rice for your baby, unless you want to spend the time apologizing for the gigantic mess made by said baby.  (Ahem, Anna and Chloe, I mean you).  We offered to have Anna and Chloe vacuum up their own mess, but they just weren't tall enough the pick up the vacuum.  (ha ha ha) 

Here's some pictures and a little clip from the concert!

Shake shake shake...shake shake shake....
Shake your shaker!

Check out LP's sweet new dance's some spirited dancin', I tell ya!

After a nap and some relaxing, we headed out to Fairfax Corner to meet our buddy Lucy for some yummy Pinkberry frozen yogurt.  As I mentioned before, I knew LP would love playing in the fountain, so I brought her suit and let her go to town.  She is so funny---I swear she has no fear and was playing right along with all of the big kids right in the fountain streams shooting 10 feet in the air.  What a nut!!! 

There she is---in her little yellow suit!

Playing with the big guys!

On her way out of the spray, only to turn around and crawl right back in.  She was cracking us up!

My brave girl. Gotta keep an eye on her!

Beating the Heat 2011 Day 1---a success!

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