Sunday, July 24, 2011


Haha, weird title, I know, but I swear, we didn't enjoy fish and frozen yogurt together today.  Blech. 

Well, today when we woke up, the temperature on our weather station was registering in the 90s instead of just saying "error," so we figured this might be a sign that things were cooling off in the boiling inferno that was outside the past few days!  LP, Mike, and I headed out for a little ride in the wagon and a swing, but by the time we were finished it was hot enough again that we all needed showers and naps.  This is when we realized that the wagon ride would be the conclusion of our outdoor activities for the day.  So....

I really can't take credit for this idea...I have to give it up to our friends The Mallons for this one!  We took Chloe to our local Petco to check out some of the animals there!  What a fun, cheap, and easy trip.  There were a few dogs around shopping with their owners, and, although she loved seeing those big furry guys, much to our surprise, her favorite thing to look at was the fish!  She even pointed at a tank full of them and said, quite clearly, "fish, fish!"  Thanks to the Ali for the fun idea!  I also think there may be a purchase of a little swimming pet in our future...

"Fish, fish, fish!"

Where we're from, hot temps = cool treats, and we'd just gotten wind of a new frozen yogurt place just around the corner from us, so we decided to try it out.  You MUST go to Josie's Self Serve Frozen Yogurt!  I loved the way this place choose a dish size and then fill it with as many flavors of yogurt and toppings that you like, and then weigh to pay!  No more shame, all of you who like to mix and match!  You can do it in relative secret here, haha.  And, in case you want to get just a little for your kiddo, you can choose the amount too.  Despite my initial shock of accidentally mixing milk chocolate yogurt with a dark cherry sorbet (didn't know how the creamy and fruity would compliment--I'm weird like that), I really enjoyed mine (topped with white chocolate chips and strawberries).  LP enjoyed it too!  And so did her face, armpit (?? yeah, how did that happen??) and clothes.  Mike really liked his chocolate and peanut butter yogurts with heath bar topping too. 

Hope you all were able to stay cool and have some fun adventures of your own this weekend!

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Ali said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys made the trip and that it was well-worth it! That's where Cate first said cat and doggy "dogga", so apparently it's good at inspiring the little ones to talk, haha. I say you should get some fish!