Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Nature

I've recently noticed that LB is getting pretty good at following simple directions.  "Get the ball" and "Put the blocks away" are phrases repeated several times in our house.  LB also enjoys to walk around outside and pick things up.  The other day, I decided to see if we could put these two activities together! 

Didn't need anything special, just a container and some "outside stuff"

Once I instructed her to "put the ___________ in the container," she was unstoppable!

I think we have a little while before we understand that big things don't fit into small things.

We also worked on a lot of vocabulary: pinecones, sticks, leaves, etc.  This was one of those afternoon activities that reminded me to think like a one-year-old.  The "game" doesn't need to be fancy; just observe what your little one likes to do and go with it! 

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