Sunday, June 5, 2011


It has been a while...there has been a lot going on at Casa de Trupo, Maison de Trupo, Casa di Trupo...whatever your fancy!   Mike and I took little Peanut up to Rochester a couple of Fridays ago to visit family.  We stayed with my in-laws over the weekend and had great visits with family, a bonfire and delicious pizza, and a trip to Springdale Farms.   We had a great time checking out the animals...and this was the first time that Chloe really noticed the animals, and seemed to enjoy them!
Chloe, Mommy, and Grandma looking at Chloe's favorite...

The baby pigs!

Checking out the donkey with Daddy

Mike had to head back to VA on Sunday, but Chloe and I stayed for the week in Rochester with Grammy and Nonno.  We did many Rochester-y fun things, including swinging and walk on the pier, a trip to Aja Noodle and Schallers, and even a little get-away out to Syracuse to visit the zoo and see Aunt Marissa and Aunt Mary Lynn!  But the adventure I think I'll highlight here took place at the Stong Museum of Play.  Wow!  This is the best children's musuem I have ever been to, hands down.  They had something for everyone, from a replica of Sesame Street to a minature "Wegmans" where kids can shop for all of our favorites.  There were plenty of things for Peanutty to do as well.  She loved the shape sorting in Peter Rabbit's garden, climbing over the "bridge" in the baby play area, and putting stones from the "quarry" into buckets.  It was a great trip.  If you ever find yourself in the WNY...this is a MUST.  And get some pizza too, for the love of all things Italian.  Here are some pictures...
Touching some "robin eggs"

In the quarry

Oh hello Frog Prince!

Here are some other cute pictures and a video from our visit.  Thank you to everyone who made it so special! 
Grammy and Peanut looking at the ducks

Nonno and Chloe, sorting mail!

With Grandma and Grandpa

Aunt Marissa!

LP in her (and Aunt Marissa's)  Cozy Coupe.  She's growing up too fast!

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