Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday To LP!

One year ago on this past Wednesday, the real adventure began...

Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe Louise!
Everyone will tell you how quickly things go once you have kids...but this kind of quick is just down right ridiculous.  My sweet little peanut has brought her daddy and me such joy in the past year, and we've all learned a lot.  Too much to list here.  Instead, I'll just tell you about our little birthday adventures...we had so much fun! 

Here's how our day started out:

After a birthday song from mommy and some crazy morning hair, we headed downstairs, where LP was greeted with something special for her big day:

A new water table!!

We had a nice breakfast of waffles and then played with the water table outside...

This table is defintely a hit.  We took a little walk and a swing, and then it was time to get in the car and head over to Burke Lake Park to meet our friend Cate and her mommy Ali and enjoy some more birthday fun!  We had a very successful train and carousel ride (giggles and smiles from both girls). 

"Hi Cate!  It's my birthday!  Yours is soon too.  It's so fun!"

And here's a poorly self-taken video clip of the train ride.  It's worth it to watch LP's big toothy smile at the end...

What does every birthday girl and her best friend need after a big ride on the train and carousel? 

Lunch at Subway, of course!
As you may imagine, this was a lot of excitement for the morning/early afternoon, so we booked it home for a THREE HOUR NAP (cue that music Doug hears when Patty Mayonaise enters the scene).  That must have been a present for Mommy to say thanks for a great year.  Hehe. 

By the time the late afternoon rolled around, Daddy was on his way home!  Here's how our evening shaped up:

LP and Daddy opening a special card

Playing with our new fridge toy from neighbor Nolan

Helping Daddy on an important phone call: ordering birthday pizza

Showing Daddy the new table

After dinner birthday treat: a little dish of strawberry ice cream!

Like I've said before, I know the LP-ster is too little to remember these things, but I know it was a memorable day for me and I'll certainly tell her about it.  And you never know when your earliest memory sneaks into your we'd better make them good ones, right?

This weekend, family and friends will be coming over for a little shindig to celebrate our little one year old.  We're having a beach-themed party...stay tuned!

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TeachermomVA said...

Bry I love it! She is definitely a super girl! My boys are 12 and 7. I can relate to how time flies! I can't wait to hear about the beach party!