Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The "Who Knew" Zoo

I had no idea there was a zoo in Baltimore...where have I been? 

LP and I headed up to MD to visit the zoo and, more importantly, some sweet friends from my Geneseo days, and of course, Baby Stella!  It was so nice to see Lindsay, Lindsay, and Heather.  But the zoo was really great.  They have a lot of really cool animals...the giraffe was our personal favorite, and rumor has it that you can feed them for the cool price of two bucks!  Chloe was so excited.  Okay, well maybe it was mommy who was the excited one, and also let down when the guy said that we couldn't feed them because they weren't standing under the canopy.  Oh well, just a small smudge in a really nice day!  I suppose we'll have to go back.  I would definitely recommend the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore if you're in the neighborhood!  This would have been a blog posting even if I hadn't promised LindZ.  :)

Zoe zebra?  We'll have to tell Ike!

Oh hey dude!

Look at these adorable lion cubs!

Sophie?  Is it you??

Another goat sighting

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