Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hiding All Along?

We've been living in Burke for over two years now, and I've been in Virginia for six, but I am always so amazed that there are still things we haven't seen or done.  I swear, if we wanted to, we could have a new adventure everyday for months, and then repeat the adventures, because some of them are so worth it! 

I took the advice of a friend and joined the MOMS Club of Burke.  Apparently, they have these clubs all over the country; they set up play groups, bookclubs, Mom's nights out, etc...lots of networking!  One of the emails I received from them recently had a list of fun things to do during the summer...which is where I found this little treasure:  Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield, VA.  It's LITERALLY right around the corner from our house.  So, Chloe was sick on Thursday, and after a three hour doctor visit and then a day of staying inside she was feeling better and I decided we needed some fresh air.  I thought it would be nice to try someplace close...and new...and over we went!  It was really cool.  Small and quiet, but entertaining nonetheless.  There was a small indoor nature center with turtles, frogs, snakes (shudder), etc.  They had some volunteers showing kids the animals, a touch tank, and puzzles, books, and a coloring area.  Very cool.  Then outside, there was a trail down to a beautiful little pond with butterflies and turtles.  The park also had plenty of places to picnic and a cute little playground (no swings, so we skipped it).  LP, in her new found enjoyment of all things animal, really had fun looking at the turtles swimming in the tanks in the nature center.  I'd say it's worth the little trip over! 

Hey fellas, slow down.  Not a race. 

Mom, mom, mom, do you see that??

Pretty pond

Sunning turtles

There were plenty of these to look at

...gotta love a FREE afternoon!     

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