Monday, June 20, 2011

For the Dads...

Happy Father's Day, guys!  In honor of the special day, Little Peanut decided that she'd like to dictate a letter to me for her blog:

"HiDa?  It's me, Chloe. 
You are the best daddy.  I think you are really fun and nice.  Thanks for all these things, not necessarily in any particular order:

1.) Sticking with Mommy throughout all the throwing up she did when I was in her tummy.  Yeah, sorry about that.  And sticking by her side throughout that whole labor and delivery event.  That was interesting. 

2.) Putting me in the only swaddle that I wouldn't break through.  Oh, I forgive you for the time you thought maybe you could do a super-swaddle with a full size bed sheet.  It's okay, you were just starting out. 

3.)  Changing lotsa lotsa diapers.  And for saying 'P-U' in that funny high voice. 

4.) Giving the most exciting, high adventure baths. 

5.) Doing pretty much anything in your power to make me laugh, namely, chasing me around the house, playing "Seal Hunt," dancing like a fool, and singing silly songs. 

6.) Giving me big hugs when you come home from work. 

7.) Putting me to bed every night, giving me my bottle, reading stories, and saying prayers.  'Turn on the rain, turn out the light, Daddy and Chloe say goodnight' is something I will always remember. 

8.)  Loving me SOOOO MUCH ('cause I love you too)!

Chloe Your Favorite Baby Robot"


And of course, a very Happy Father's Day to our two favorite dads/grandpas...we love you!

Nonno Z


Onto a little home adventure.  For Father's Day, LP and I made a little something to give to daddy.  Got the idea here.  It came out so adorably cute.  Only difference from the blog above...we used finger paint.  LP loved it; wanted to roll in in, crawl through it, eat it, etc., which will bring me to my next blog entry.  Stay tuned....until's what we made!

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