Monday, December 12, 2011

Light Shows on the Cheap

We love drive through light shows.  You know, the ones where you tune your radio to a Christmas music station, drive your car through a park and look at the display!  We have an excellent one right around the corner here: The Bull Run Festival of Lights.  We visited this light show last year, and we enjoyed the lights, as well as the little "winter carnival" at the end.  They have Santa in a cottage, rides, a fire pit where you can make s'mores, and plenty of other cute things I'm not remembering right now, but it's worth a trip! 

However, since we are heading out of town soon and have decided to do a couple of different "Santa" events, we went a different route to look at the pretty lights.  Our friends' neighborhood has a house that puts up an awesome (and free!!!) display so we took a walk over to look at it.  Search around your neighborhood too...plenty of people put up some amazing lights and it's fun to bundle up, take a walk to see them, and maybe come home for some hot cocoa!

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