Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowman Day!

Again, not so much snow here!  But that didn't stop LB and me from having a snowman-themed afternoon!  We started out with a snowman snack:

Banana snowmen!


Then, we made foamy "snowmen."  Got the idea from a blog called "Oopsey Daisy" (cute ideas, check it out).  You need regular shaving cream and Elmer's School glue.  Mix together equal parts glue and shaving cream and you have a foamy "paint" that's really fun to squish and it also dries puffy.  This was by far the biggest hit of an activity in a while!   Take a look at what we did:

I cut out some snowman shapes from an old box.  Definitely need to use a thick paper (cardstock style).  We then put the foamy paint on and went to work!

She was a little timid and first, but, as always, she got right in to spreading the paint around!

We used cutout shapes, feathers, and pom-poms to decorate.

Here are my snowmen!

Chloe's were a bit more abstract!

Here are a couple of fun clips of our spreading and decorating! 

After a bath for LB (which included a poop in the tub, as if this activity wasn't messy enough, my night became messier) and a shower for me (see previous parentheses) we concluded the snowman afternoon with reading a cute story called Snow What Fun , a snowman Christmas story.

Snow What Fun by Chery Hawkinson

  It was fun to have a theme, and really easy too since there are a billion snowman activities out there!  Don't let the lack of cold weather keep you from playing in the snow too!

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