Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Train!

On Saturday, we took a very special trip on the commuter train that Mike rides everyday---the VRE Santa Train.  Boy, it was a trick to get tickets to this very popular event, but we somehow managed to get them before they ran out, and I'm so glad we did!

LB really loved riding the train, looking out the window, and saying "Choo choo!"  Santa and Mrs. Claus made a quick appearance, and although she seemed to like Mrs. C, the she was a little unsure of the big guy.  She didn't cry, just arched her back and looked away, haha.  Very cute event...we'll have to make it a tradition!

Waiting for the train to start; also the only picture with the cute headband.  Oh well!

Having fun looking out the window

"If I pretend I don't see him, maybe he'll leave his candy cane and get outta here!"

With Daddy

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