Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Mo Cweee?"

An important PSA from Dirt and Boogers (love the name): why messy play is important.  I hereby dedicate this post to the author of that blog!

Shaving cream fun:

Today, I slopped some shaving cream onto an old cookie sheet and we had some messy fun of our own!  Chloe loved the shaving cream, but what she loved even more was watching me squirt the cream out from the can.  Hence the name of this post, "Mo Cweee?" AKA "More cream?"

We drove a car through the shaving cream

And squished it

And put some blocks in it

And stirred it too!  You'll also notice a pine branch in this picture; we originally got the idea from Mommy and Me Bookclub's post about the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  I mentioned it previously and it is LB's favorite book this week.  In the book, Peter drags a stick through the snow to make tracks, and so, we dragged a stick through the shaving cream.  Fun!

Don't be afraid of the mess when it comes to this kind of exploration!!  It's usually a great learning experience,  Everything can be cleaned.  The author of the blog I mentioned above has some great ideas for easy clean-up and keeping the mess contained.  Let me know what you try, brave mommy!

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