Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tiny Tot Nature Program

Today, Chloe and I attended an awesome program at the Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA.  It was honestly one of the best programs we have seen that is put on by a county service, and we have been to a few! 

It was called the Tiny Tot Nature program and was put on by the assistant naturalist at the center.  The theme for today was "Mr. Owl," as the center has an owl on site that they rescued with a broken wing last year.  The hour was packed with short, fun, and completely age-appropriate activities to keep everyone engaged.  We saw a short puppet show/story, sang an owl song, learned how owls fly (with scarves), heard owl sounds, did a craft, and even took a nature walk outside to see the owl and a few other outdoor highlights.  Wonderful!  The nature center also had several small reptiles and amphians and fish to look at, as well as a working beehive and the basement was full of an exhibit about Native Americans (complete with a large wooden canoe). 

So, from what I understand, they have these programs each Wednesday at 10:00 am.  They change activities from month to month, so you could attend each month and see a new class. And you don't have to be an Arlington County resident to attend, either, which is great. To register, click this link!

The downside: we had to be in Arlington at 10:00 am, the tail end of DC rush hour.  Ugh, I cannot stress enough what a HOT HOT HOT mess 495 is right now.  Also, 66 eastbound was no picnic.  Luckily, we did make it on time.  It was worth it though, really!

Flapping her owl wings

Owl picture, and yes, there are two moons, at LB's request

First glance at Mr. Owl

Playing peek-a-boo with one of the owl friends

Trying out the canoe


The cool, and mommy was so thankful the bees were behind glass.  Bee fear here, ugh!

One last glance at Mr. Owl before heading home!

Maybe we'll see you there next time!

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