Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paint for a Cause!

A couple of times, Chloe and I have gone to one of those "paint your own pottery" places to make a one-of-a-kind LB masterpiece.  Last year, when she was tiny, I did plates with her little feet in the shape of a heart for the grandparents, and a "cookies for Santa" plate using her foot as a reindeer.  This year, as I've said, one of her favorite activities is to "peeeaaaaaint," so we took advantage of this and met some friends at Paint This in Old Town Alexandria.  I helped Chloe with her handprint, but then it was up to her to decorate some beautiful mugs for Daddy and Aunt Marissa.  It was fun, however, we only do this once a year and for gifts, because it's not the cheapest activity.  You usually have to pay a fee for the hour you're there and also for the piece(s) you paint.  But fun, nonetheless.  Here's some pics of Chloe giving her special mugs to her dad and aunt...

All you potential painters, here's where the title of today's entry comes in: my "online blog buddy" Andrea at Real Housewives of Northern Virginia posted this flyer earlier today:

click the link to see it in "HD" (haha)

Color Me Mine in Fairfax Corner is running a promotion from 1/16-1/31 where if you paint a pot, they'll donate a soup bowl (for you to paint) that will be used at the Empty Bowls event in Fairfax City in February.  Very cool...we may have to head over to make a Valentines Day present...anyone want to go with us?  Or, even better, we could do a "girls night out" and paint in peace...sounds heavenly, right?  Let me know if you want in!


J. Trigiani said...

Let me know when you go, if our schedules fit, we'll tag along!! Daddy could use a Valentines day mug!!

Real Housewives of Northern Virginia said...

thanks for the shout out! xo