Monday, March 26, 2012

Flower Sun-catchers

Spring has sprung, for sure.  Although it's a bit cooler than last week, we had fun enjoying the sun today and picked some flowers.  Not only are flowers a pop of color for us to enjoy outside, but they are a GREAT opportunity for lots of learning: colors, smells, how they feel, fine motor practice when pulling them out of the ground! 

We gathered our flowers in our trusty bucket and after naptime, we made suncatchers (inspired by The Artful Parent).  I cut out a flower shape for the border and stuck it to some contact paper, and let LB stick the flowers to the paper.  She loves this sticky paper activity...I think it has inspired me to try some more "sticky paper" activities.  Here's some pics!

My favorite weeds flowers---we have patches of these all over the neighborhood now.  We also gathered the forsythia flowers that are starting to fall off of the bush in the front and a few other "pick-able" flowers from our yard.

Collecting flowers in our bucket

Sticking them onto the contact paper


Added another piece of contact paper to seal it and hung it up!
This came out so pretty---I'm thinking mother's day cards?  What other activities do you have for contact paper?


Jenn F. said...

I wanted my husband to pick up some contact paper so we could press our St. Patty's carnations (we colored them by letting them "drink" water with food coloring). He wouldn't indulge me. I'm showing him your post to prove I'm not the only person on the planet who wants to press flowers in contact paper. :)

Dawn said...

Would it be too girly to make my boys do this? I think they'd love it.

Bryana ZT said...

Love contact paper, Jenn!

Dawn--go for it! They can use anything they find outside too...clover, grass, etc. But flowers are part of nature...totally not girly. ;)