Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watercolor Shamrocks

Around Valentines Day, I saw a lot of ideas for using coffee filters and watercolor to make pretty heart-shaped suncatchers, like these from The Artful Parent.  We didn't have a chance to make the V-day ones, but here's our go at some St. Patty's Day suncatchers!

Watered down some green paint to make "watercolor."  Why is it always so fun to dip paint brushes in a cup?  And DO NOT attempt to hold the cup for your toddler.  Help from mom not necessary, apparently. (wink)

We dripped and painted the watery green onto coffee filters.  It was very cool to watch the paint spread!

I cut the filters into shamrocks and LB helped me tape them onto the window.  Easy!


Dawn said...

This looks like a MUCH more doable project than the crayon shavings one we did last week. Good idea! Also, I love The Artful Parent so much!

Bryana ZT said...

Those crayon shaving ones looked so cool! Maybe in another year or so they'll be ready to participate more, haha. It's hard to find a balance of "you do, I do" sometimes! There are many projects that I just give up because there's no way Chloe's participating!