Monday, March 26, 2012

Roly-Poly Easter Eggs

A while back, I bought LB some plastic colored Easter Eggs to fill her egg carton in her play kitchen.  She has enjoyed playing with them---cooking, feeding them to Mousey and Kitty, rolling them around the floor, and filling them with dried pasta and shaking them.  Now that it's actually Easter time, I thought we would use them for some painting fun.

I actually had this idea while I was falling asleep one night (when my best ideas happen; they also seem to come after a glass of wine, hah).  You may remember in the post about the Launch Zone, we dipped marbles in paint and rolled them around to make a painting.  I thought we could try the same technique with the plastic eggs and Easter egg cut-outs.  (Later, I saw a similar activity at Creative Connections for Kids, in addition to a bunch of other awesome activities)

It was fun, although, I need to make note that our crafty activities are lasting very short amounts of time, as LB notices all of the fun things around her that she needs to do/see.  We were also outside on the deck, where I hope to do more of our projects as the weather continues to warm, so you know, there were bubbles, tiny porch chairs, trees, birds, etc.  But the whole things was super fast to do, and the eggs are really cute, check them out! 

Dipped the eggs in paint and let them roll around the box with the paper egg taped inside

Love the colors!  So spring-y!

Taking a break in her new seat

Two of the finished eggs

Just another cool thing to mention: this great, no-spill, 3 wand bubble container was at WalMart for only $5!  Perfect for your indpendent bubble blower!!!! 

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