Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Music Maker Mondays

Chloe and I were recently invited to attend a "Music Makers" class that takes place on Monday mornings at a church around the corner from us.  It's such a great idea they had and I wanted to share how they do it! 

First of all, this class is FREE.  Here's why:  the moms own the instruments (shakers, bells, etc.) and a parachute, and moms volunteer each week to plan the class (which has a formula, so it's easy), and they reserve a room at their church (also free)! 

It's so easy and economical to plan these little get-together classes for kiddos.  It can be a nice alternative to a plain-ol' playdate.  While those are always fun, but let's admit, when toddlers get bigger, the chaos gets bigger if there's not some sort of activity to prevent a free-for-all toy-fest.  Remember the days of yester-year when a playdate meant sleeping babies in bouncy seats and chatting moms?  Ahhhh...I digress.  Also, these classes are a great way to get kids who don't go to daycare or "school" to get used to structure and ready for preschool.  It promotes social interaction too!  How can you go wrong? 

So I've taken inspiration from Music Makers and a few other places (one being our own Camp for Babies) and soon I'll be posting about a new venture...Mommy & Me Bookclub.  I'm so excited...stay tuned!

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Hungry Mom said...

That is a great idea. I always thought owning a parachute would be fun!