Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Mousey!

Chloe has a new little buddy, a tiny little plastic mouse named Stella.  She came with a tiny ice cream truck and a table and chair.  She has provided hours of entertainment...she goes into the truck and out of the truck.  She dances to music.  She eats applesauce and sneaks herself into Gymboree so she can play on the ladders and the airlog.  Chloe calls Stella, "Mousey!" in the cutest little voice...especially when Stella falls down and she yells, "Oh no, Mousey!"

That Stella is some mouse.  This morning, we decided to make Stella some "birthday cupcakes."  A very easy and fun little fine motor activity, all we needed were a couple of cupcake liners, playdough, and birthday candles.  And we also learned how to sing "Happy Birthday" or "Hoppy Day Mousey."

Baking some cupcakes

We need lots of candles!

Mousey checks out her treat

Little Bear takes a sniff of the cupcake.  Realizes that it is not real. 

But they are good for Mouseys!

And a cute little Mousey clip:

This was a fun little activity to fill just a little part of our morning.  I think maybe Mickey and Minnie have birthdays coming up....maybe we need to make playdough cakes and ice cream sundaes next!

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