Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy Traffic Jam Batman (I mean...a Fun Time with Mr. Knick Knack)

This past Wednesday, I went against my gut and took 495 North to Tysons Corner.  Why I am such a traffic optomist is the DC Metro area, I will never understand.  Also, why it is taking 37 years to complete construction on 495 between Annandale and Tysons, I will never understand.  Next time, we will take the back way (once I figure that out). 

Anyways, we did make it to Tysons Corner to watch a very fun Mr. Knick Knack concert.  These are held each Wednesday in the kids play area in the mall, right near the food court and movie theatre.  It was lively and pretty crowded, but a nice show, made better by the large play area!  There are also (overpriced in my opinion, but available) train rides...I think we'll wait for the Burke Lake Train instead!

As I said, if you decide to make it to a show at Tysons, I'd try to get on some back roads.  It's a great option for a rainy, cold, or too hot Wednesday! 

Clapping along with Mr. Knick Knack

Enjoying the "Be Kind to Earth" themed play area

Laying a gigantic egg, I guess?  I was about to when the traffic issues ensued. 


Julie @ Creekside Learningrng said...

I know what you mean about the neverending construction and the traffic optimism. ;-)

Happily A Housewife said...

My husband works in Tysons and it is a MESS right now! We have done Mr. Knick Knack but it is SO crowded. I agree about the train rides there, the Burke Lake Train is SOOO much more fun!