Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue (and green and pink and yellow) Plate Special

Thanks to Pinterest (aka Mom's best internet friend), we found a fun way to make breakfast this morning!  We made Rainbow Toast!  Although the idea was "pinned" to many boards, it originally came from here (this blogger has TONS of fun ideas).

Here's what you need:

Food Coloring
Pastry brush (we used a silicone one, but I think you could use regular little paint brushes as well)

Mix a little bit of milk and food coloring in a few bowls.  Use this to "paint" your bread.  Toast and enjoy!

I'm amazed that the "paint" when on the bread, and that LB didn't eat the bread before it was toasted.  I showed her what to do and she got down to business! 

The breakfast art-teest


It's also fun to stir the colored milk!
 The original blogger's toasts came out much more bold and festive than ours, but this was still really fun!  We recommend the Rainbow Toast to be served with a strawberry banana smoothie.  I can't wait to try frosting Christmas cookies!

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