Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stained Glass

A few folks have asked about a particular picture I posted on facebook showing LB making "stained glass."  First of all, I have to thank my friend Kirsten and her little girl, Sydney for the idea!  There are so many friends, near and far, (and those on blogs whom I don't even know!!) that make many of our activities possible...and I wish we lived closer to many of you out there (Amy, Kirsten, Michelle, etc...we'd have a blast)!  The internet is an awesome thing for stay-at-home moms!  We've gotta network, too!

Right, the stained glass.  So, here's what I did to prep for this---

Cut a piece of contact paper, and cut a piece of construction paper to make a "frame."  I taped it all of the table (sticky side up) and let Chloe put little pieces of colored tissue paper onto the sticky contact paper.  She loved covering all of the sticky spots!  After she was finished, I covered the masterpiece with another piece of contact paper and trimmed the edges.  We hung it in our window and LB has enjoyed touching the different colors and watching the sun shine through her artwork! 

The finished product!

Thanks to our friends, near and far, for all of the great ideas!  This is a keeper, especially since we have so much contact paper.  I'm thinking Thanksgiving placemat?  Christmas tree?  Snowman?  Stay tuned!

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