Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

It's a little late this year (again, stinkin' computer malfunctions), but maybe next year you might remember this fun little idea for some Thanksgiving centerpieces!  LB and I made these for my mom and Aunt Louise.  We brought them when we visited my aunt and uncle's house in PA and met Grammy and Nonno there...Chloe was quite proud to show off her craftsmanship! 

We used:

Brown paper lunch bags
Zip loc baggies
Popcorn kernals
Grocery bags

Here's what we did:

LB colored the bags and decorated them with some felt stickers I got super cheap at Michael's.  Then, she "helped" me fill a couple of ziploc baggies with popcorn kernals (to weigh down the bottom of the bags).  We then stuffed plastic grocery bags into the brown paper bags (this was a fun time) and tied the bags shut!  Voila!

Colored and stickered paper bags (keep the decor closer to the bottom of the bag)

Weighted bag of popcorn kernals

Filling the bags with bags (how many times can we say "bags?")

Tied 'em shut!  Happy Harvest!

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