Monday, November 28, 2011

Pumpkin Pies and Indian Corn

...Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without some of these in decoration form, right? 

LB LOOOOOOOVES to paint so first up, Thanksgiving "Pumpkin" Pies!  This is a little messy, so I tried to make her wear a smock...I've wised up, and I think for our next painting endeavor, we'll use an old t-shirt!  Anyways, here you go:

We finger painted with orange paint on some paper plates---the "pumpkin" filling!

I let LB shake some pumpkin pie spice onto the wet paint...yummy!

Not for the faint of heart...but she did pretty well and only spiced the "pie!"  They smelled delicious!

Next up, stained glass "Indian Corn."  We employed the same method used in this post, only I cut out the outline of a corn cob and leaf and stuck it to the contact paper beforehand.  Daddy thought it was a pineapple, but he was holding it upside down.  Duh, Daddy (hehe).

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