Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ghost Train

On Sunday, our Halloween fun, it's a month long fun celebration!  We went with our friends Cate and Ike (and their mommies, daddies, and a Bubby (sp.?) too) over to Burke Lake Park to ride their famous "Ghost Train."  It was quite an event!  There were penguins, chickens, sharks, and other costumed folks dancing to party music, a bounce house, cotton candy, and of course the ever-popular carousel and Halloween jazzed-up train.  The train ride was very cute---volunteers were along the route dressed in costumes and acting out scenes: monkey vs. bat football, Mother Goose, Little Red Riding Hood, etc., and some sleeping pumpkins that woke up and handed out candy!  The little ones (okay, and the adults too) were quite entertained!  It was perfect for LB and her friends' age group!  I think it'll be worth a trip back next year!

Riding the carousel with Daddy

All the friends!  Ike had the warmest costume so he was a monkey today. 

LB and Daddy on the Ghost Train!

Pumpkins on the ghost train route!
Dancing to Thriller with Mommy and some penguins

And here are a few photos from Halloween night too: 

Trick-or-treating with Daddy

Halloween dinner: eyeballs, brains, and a mummy---AKA: grapes, brussels sprouts, and a hot dog wrapped in a crescent roll!  Yum!

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