Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

It's past Halloween now, and it was a great one, so I wanted to catch up on everything we did!

We finally got our big pumpkin last Friday at Heather Hills.  I decided to take LB back here, because she had such a good time last time we visited.  There were even a few different activities this time, such as a penny in the hay search and pumpkin checkers.  But without a doubt, LB's favorite activity was feeding the goats!  (See video on my FB page)

After spending some time in the activity area, we headed out to pick our pumpkin.  Whoa, did we pick a pumpkin indeed.  They only had HUGE ones here's what we ended up with:

On Saturday, the weather turned really chilly, and (in spite of the forecaster's warnings), we were completely surprised to see the first SNOW of the season!  Needless to say, we stayed inside all day (this was also the day we played dress-up).  I decided to let LB have some fun with her big pumpkin before carving it:

Playdough-ing the pumpkin---worked very well until she decided that she'd like to taste the playdough!

Sticker-ing the pumpkin!  We actually just left the pumpkin and stickers out overnight and anytime she wanted, she could go over and add/remove stickers.  It was fun!
And of course, we had a great time actually carving the pumpkin during half-time of the Bills v. Redskins game on Sunday (I feel for you, Skins fans, but what a great day it was to be a Buffalonian)!  Chloe and Daddy really got into the pumpkin junk!  We let her play in it for quite a while and she enjoyed transferring the goo from one container to the next, and playing with the seeds as well!  I'd recommend doing this with your little one too, even if Halloween has passed.  It was a great activity!

It's so fun doing all of these things with Chloe this year.  It's amazing how in just a few short months, she has gone from "baby" to "toddler," and while I'll always miss those tiny baby days, I love watching her learn and participate in so many fun things!

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