Friday, November 4, 2011

Coloring Queen

LB is OBSESSED with coloring.  And I'm not using the term lightly.  Let me tell you, the other day, I could hear her in her carseat saying, "Ew? Ew?"  This usually means she has some sort of scrape/scar that she thinks is gross or is hurting her.  When I checked her out, I noticed that she had a blister on the tip of her index finger.  I could not figure out how this might have happened, until Mike and I observed her participating in her new favorite activity...yup, she has a blister from holding her crayons!!!!  Hasn't stopped her though, as her almost brand-new Sesame Street coloring book from Grammy and Nonno is almost filled up with beautiful scribbles! 

So, I've tried to take advantage of this new favorite obsession past-time.  We used crayons to color on the pumpkin last week and we've made cards and pictures for grandparents and Daddy, as well as Halloween treat bags for friends.  Besides said coloring book, though, I think this was her favorite coloring event:

This was actually just the thick tissue paper that my new candles from Michaels were wrapped in.  I taped it to the floor and we had some fun making a mural!  We need to get a roll of butcher paper or something...anyone know where to find it?  You can see some of my sweet artwork under there too.  Gotta get creative!

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