Monday, February 6, 2012

Camp For Babies #2: Hide and Find!

Camp for Babies Day #2 was another fun time!  This time we met at Ike's house, and the theme was "hide and find."  The kiddos had fun making (okay, eating the ingredients for) cookies by patting out some sugar cookie dough and "hiding" some treats inside: marshmallows, chocolate chips, crainins, crushed pretzels...mmmm!  They also hid in Ike's train tent and read some fun hiding books.

Hiding some yummy treats in cookie dough

Chloe liked to push chocolate chips into the dough.  And eat all of the marshmallows before they ever touched the dough too!

The treats are too delicious to hide anywhere but my tummy!

Very hard at work hiding treats in bellies!

Cate is hiding in a very cute disguise!

Reading a "hiding" book

Thank you Amy and Ike!  We had a fun time.  CFB #3 will be at our house this week...stay tuned! 

Also: LB must have taken the "hide" theme very seriously, as she decided to "hide" mommy under some blankets the next morning.  Hehe....

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Sandy Cohen, Ike's Bubbie said...

what a wonderful time!!! excellent buddies!!! life is great!!! xoxoxox... (ike's bubbie)