Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines for Friends: V-day Countdown

Valentines Day, of course, is a great time to send little notes to your friends to tell them how much you care!  We've been busy getting some notes ready, and also playing Valentines note make-believe...

First, a SUPER easy way to make a heart-shaped stamp (from Hands on as We Grow)

We took an empty paper towel roll and pinched the ends into a heart shape.  Dip in paint and stamp away!

A very fun way to make cards for friends!

Don't forget to smush the paint around a little too. 

For our "make-believe" Valentine play, we used an old tissue box (we certainly had plenty around after this sick week), covered it with butcher paper, and decorated it to look like a mailbox.

"Bear Mail" box

We used some old Valentines (so glad I cleaned out my school stuff) and colored on them, then put them in the mailbox. 

We took them out, and put them in again.  A popular activity. 

It was also fun to stuff all of the crayons into the mailbox.  Maybe Grammy would like to get a bunch of broken Crayolas in the mail? 

Even though it was a tough week with being sick and cranky and stuck inside, these little things have given us some bright spots!  Looking forward to Camp for Babies tomorrow: Valentines Fun!

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