Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hearts-a-Plenty: V-day Countdown

Chloe and I have both been under the weather, so today I'll post two entries for the countdown, after missing yesterday!  Yuck...let me tell ya, being sick and taking care of a sick toddler is not a fun adventure.  We have some serious cabin fever along with our awesome low-grade ones.  Luckily, we're both on meds now so we're on the mend.  On to the fun stuff---the countdown!!!

We love to be festive around here.  We decorate, we dress for the holidays, and enjoy special treats.  As I said, it gives us a nice break from the same ol', same ol'!  For Valentines Day, we added just a few special touches around the house...
Wreath made from a paper plate and foam hearts

Found this fun heart garland at the dolar store and we put it around LB's kitched and the hutch. 

But the real idea for this post came from this amazing fundraiser---The Heart Project from Hands on as We Grow.  They are selling an e-book to raise money for the American Heart Association in honor of the blogger's husband's cousin, a little girl who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  Here's the blogger's description of the e-book: 

"70+ bloggers have collaborated together to bring you a beautiful book of heart projects! The book includes 100+ projects in it that are heart-related and kid-related. Whether they're made by the kids, for the kids or about the kids. There's projects to create, cook, play with and display in your home!"

For a small donation, we now have this awesome book with beautiful ideas for heart crafts to last us years!  With so many friends and family members who have been helped in some way by the AHA, this project felt close to my heart too.  Check it out friends, it's something special!


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