Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fail-entines Day Cookies: V-day Countdown!

Last week, Uncle John sent Chloe a lovely Valentines Day package that, along with her adorable Valentines Day tutu and Mickey paint set, included some yummy decorations for sugar cookies.  We were very excited to make some cut-outs and decorate them! 

So, during naptime, I decided to make a package of sugar cookies.  Everything started out well...added an egg, flour, and butter to the mix...UNTIL I realized that I made a misreading (okay, non-reading) error.  I added 2x the amount of butter needed.  Hah!  The dough was way too sticky to make cut-outs, so I just put them in balls on the cookie sheet to see how they'd cook...and, um, they basically deep-fried themselves in the oven.  Although strangely tasty, I don't think they were really fit for human consumption.  Oh well, maybe we'll try tomorrow with some good-old bakery-bought cookies. 

On a good note, we seem to have created a tradition of a "family Valentines date" at Dogfishhead Alehouse in Fairfax.  We went last year on the Saturday before, and we decided to do it again!  It was a lot of fun...we went on the early side (5 pm) and the food came fast and was really good!  Also, I found a new entertainment item to keep handy in the diaper bag---a little container of playdough.  Kept LB entertained until her food came! 

Anyone else have any Valentines Day (or other) project fails?