Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Cures What Ails Ya

February has been a nasty little month.  Although we had a lot of fun with Valentines Day and our visiting families, I would rename this time, "The Sickness that Wouldn't Quit."  Chloe had a cold and double ear infection.  I got a sinus infection.  Antibiotics for said sinus infection made me sick.  I had a bout of acid reflux.  Gross (thank goodness for Prevacid).  Chloe had another pesky runny nose---turned out to be yet another double ear infection, and this time, it's partner, horrible sinus infection, came along for the ride.  I know I say that I like winter and that I was disappointed in the lack of snow, but I am so ready for spring and consistent "window open" fresh air weather.  We need it. 

So, needless to say, we had our share of doctor visits this month.  From about 6-19 months, this would have been an excuse for me to come home and drink heavily.  LB would kick, scream, sweat, cry.  My blood pressure would sky rocket.  But more recently, she has been much better.  I guess it was a phase, or, it may have been the time we had to do the 4 hour peanut butter challenge and she got to eat giant spoonfuls of PB in the doctor's office that broke her.  I don't know, but she has been much better. 

Grammy and Nonno have been in town, and I was feeling bad for LB and her sad nose and ears, so I decided to treat everyone to a yummy lunch, at, where else, Josie's.  Like I said, it cures what ails ya.  And who doesn't need dessert for lunch (or breakfast or dinner) every once in a while?

Lunch with G & N

Feeling much better already.  She got her own bowl, as I did not want to share with her yucky nose.


Micaela said...

You should be getting paid for your Josie's promos (or at least getting paid in free yogurt!) Glad Chloe is feeling better!

Katie Trupo said...

I like how Chloe can sit in her own chair - just like the big girl she is!!! Definitely looks like fun for all!

Bryana ZT said...

Haha, Micaela, I know. We have been loving it lately! I know Katie, she's all grown up, this girl!