Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dulles Town Center = Day Saver!

LB was feeling much better, so she and I planned a nice little outing with Grammy and Nonno last Friday.  We watched the weather forecast and everything looked great for an outing to Frying Pan Farm Park, so we jumped in the car and went on our merry way...merry, that is, until the big raindrops began to plop on our car when we were almost there.  Weathermen!  Seriously! 

I racked my brain for something that we could do instead, but since we were already quite a ways down the parkway, I wasn't too familiar with the area.  However, I did recall reading somewhere that Dulles Town Center had a nice play area for kids.  I gps-ed (that's totally a verb, right?) it and we headed over. 

I hadn't been to this mall in years, and even then, I had only been there once, so I remembered very little about it.  It's a really nice mall!  They had a great play area for kids modeled after an airport.  They also had...duh duh duh....a CAROUSEL!  Chloe stood straight up in her stroller yelling, "ride, ride, ride!" when she saw it.  I do know that there are some kids shows at the mall during the week sometimes, and I have been informed by the mom of another fishy lover (Jessie and Taylor) that there is an awesome fish tank in the Nordstroms kids shoe department.   There was also a little train, but when we saw the sun poking through the ceiling windows, we decided to seize the moment and head back to the farm to take a look at some animals.  We did make it, but I'll save a more extensive post on Frying Pan for a nice, sunny day! 

So excited to be on the carousel

A very kid-friendly place---they even had little tables in the food court!

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