Friday, February 17, 2012

National Building Museum

For a while, I have heard that the National Building Museum is a great place to take kids.  Last Sunday, we made the trek into DC to try it out, and it didn't disappoint!  It was a perfect place to take the Three Muskateers...AKA extremely busy toddlers...AKA Chloe, Ike, and Cate. 

The main part of the museum is a GIANT atrium area where kids can run around.  Really, it's huge...and there were also giant blocks and a few other things for the kiddos to play with.   Included in the price for admission (under 2s were free) was "The Building Zone," a room geared towards kids under five with blocks, doll houses, a train table, and a life-sized "mini-house."  The only tricky thing was that you had to make a reservation for a time (they only allow 45 people in per hour, adults and infants included), and the only time we were able to reserve was 1:00 pm.  It was a bit close to nap time, but with a lunch, Chloe and Cate made it through and enjoyed themselves (Ike appreciated a good snooze much more on this particular day)!  I'd suggest getting there early to make an earlier reservation. 

Another cool feature of the museum was their Lego exhibit.  They had a number of famous buildings constructed out of the blocks on display, and an impressive amount of Legos to actually build with.  That was fun too! 

We didn't get to check out much more of the museum, but it does seem very interesting.  We'll have to go was a great place to go on a freezing cold Sunday! 

Running through the atrium

Buidling with the giant blocks


The girls using Tinkertoys

Dollhouses are fun!


Dawn said...

I'm excited to find your blog! It looks like you do some of the same things I do-- go on NoVa and DC adventures and write about them. I'm building a collection of DC museum-y reviews on my blog. It would be fun to link up with you!

Bryana ZT said...

Hi Dawn! I'm so happy you read my blog too. I love your stories, and it does sound like we do some similar things! We should definitely meet up sometime!

Dawn said...

Definitely! Email me sometime: