Friday, October 14, 2011

Down Came the Rain...

...and washed all of our plans out! 

Yep, we once again had a rainy stretch this week. And when it wasn't raining, the ground was soaked and muddy.  It stinks, because, as I've mentioned, there are so many things to do around this area when the weather is nice.  And it has the potential to be really beautiful outside in the fall around here, so I'm really hoping that the next couple of weeks bring some nicer (COOLER) temperatures and sunny skies! 

But in the meantime, we had to make do with the rain we had and find some fun things to do at home.  We tried to get a little creative, so here you go!

Miss Crazy Hair and some pom-poms

Pom poms + ice cube tray= fun practice with fine motor!

Mess-free finger painting! 

I taped some paper inside the zip-loc bags, squeezed in some finger paint, and taped them up on the door.  Fun!  And clean!

Okay, the rain broke for 2.5 seconds so we used some brushes and painted with water on the side of the house. 

Cornstarch and water mix!  Use about a half a cup of cornstarch and then maybe 3 TBS of water, mix until it's goopy.

She loved this!  It's solid when you touch it but liquidy when you let it go.  Try it out!

Who says you need to go outside to have fun? 

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