Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some More "Greece" Fun

We had a great time, as always, spending time with family up in Rochester last week!   We were able to take advantage of the many nice things the area has to offer, and one of them was a visit to the Greece Community Center to attend "Toddler Time."  What a nice little activity time!  For the first half hour, we played in the gym with the soft blocks and tunnels.  LB enjoyed bringing blocks to Nonno so he could build towers, and then watching other kids knock them down.  For the second half-hour, the "under twos" were invited to the craft room.  Now at this point, I'm thinking, "Hmmm, I think Chloe will want to eat the craft materials, but okay, let's give it a try."  And we did, and it was great!  They had little stations set up for each child and parent and all of the materials laid out at each station.  The craft was a quick little chicken you could glue together and decorate.  I was surprised, but Chloe loved coloring her chicken and adding glitter and sequins.  I can't wait until she is more into crafts...I have so many ideas!  But this was a fun little start.  I would encourage any of my Greece friends to attend Toddler was really worth it!


Working hard with Nonno

Starting the chicken!

That night, we headed out to dinner at Bill Gray's.  The location in Greece has a kid's night each Tuesday featuring music, games, face painting and balloon animals.  Kids also get a free cup of custard (conveniently, I had a rootbeer, so half of that custard made a yummy float)! 

Chloe with her butterfly balloon

And tasting some Abbotts!

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Randi said...

We love the Greece community center! We are there at least twice a week in the winter. Great place to burn energy on those days! Paisley loves craft time, many projects decorate our walls in the house.